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...and in the presidential slalom race...
Address to teamsters
After 57 rounds, the winner is…
Bill Brown oral history interview 2, 2007 June 25
Can I help?
Charles T. Davidson oral history interview, 2018 October 15
Charlotte City Council cartoon
Charlotte sanitary workers cartoon
Harvey Gantt AFL-DIO meeting
I'd invite you in to celebrate, but you rules.
I'm afraid you'll forget about me if I stay back there.
I'm indispensable, I'm above the law, they'll come crawling back, etc. etc...
John Archibald oral history interview, 2004 April 1
Kneever “Joe” Morrow, Sr. oral history interview, 1993 June 15
Mary Nixon oral history interview, 2005 November 18
Meredith College
Nixon wage and price controls cartoon
Okay, Ronnie baby, we may not get but one shot--so for heaven's sake, don't spook 'im.
Polish workers cartoon
Richard Nixon and Clement Haynsworth cartoon