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Ain't there some way you can just start without him?
Bald Head Island cartoon
Bonnie E. Cone oral history interview 14, 1988 March 3
Don't worry! I'm here to protect your best interest.
Gasoline tax cartoon
I think I can make it work this time.
 I wouldn't go in just yet if I were you!
It's an old custom, ya see.
James B. Black oral history interview, 2013 January 29
Janice Covington Allison oral history interview 3, 2019 September 18
Leslie J. Winner oral history interview, 2013 February 4
Let's stoke up the fire a bit.
News item: Today North Carolina's legislators cleared their desks, thereby ending the state's longest session.
North Carolina drug problem cartoon
North Carolina dual office holding ban cartoon
North Carolina judges cartoon
North Carolina legislature cartoon
Oh we never get any trouble this far south!
T. LaFontine "Fountain" Odom oral history interview, 2013 March 5
Take these regularly, doctor, and get plenty of rest.