UNC Charlotte Commencement and Doctoral Hooding Programs

First Commencement, 1966
FIRST COMMENCEMENT, May 29, 1966 (Atkins Library Auditorium)--Address: Dan K. Moore, Governor of North Carolina
Second Commencement, 1967
SECOND COMMENCEMENT, May 28, 1967 (Park Center)--Address: Irving E. Carlyle
Third Commencement, 1968
THIRD COMMENCEMENT, May 26, 1968 (Ovens Auditorium)--Address: William C. Friday, President, University of North Carolina--Honorary Degrees: Frank Porter Graham, Doctor of Letters; Addison Hardcastle Reese, Doctor of Laws
Fourth Commencement, 1969
FOURTH COMMENCEMENT, June 1, 1969 (Ovens Auditorium)--Address: Robert W. Scott, Governor of North Carolina--Honorary Degrees: Luther Hartwell Hodges, Doctor of Laws; John Paul Lucas, Jr., Doctor of Letters
Fifth Commencement, 1970
FIFTH COMMENCEMENT, May 31, 1970 (Ovens Auditorium)--Address: Philip G. Hoffman, President, University of Houston--No Honorary Degrees awarded
Sixth Commencement, 1971
SIXTH COMMENCEMENT, May 30, 1971 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Greetings: William C. Friday, President, University of North Carolina--No Honorary Degrees awarded
Seventh Commencement, 1972
SEVENTH COMMENCEMENT, May 21, 1972 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Greetings: William C. Friday, President, University of North Carolina--No Honorary Degrees awarded
Eighth Commencement, 1973
EIGHTH COMMENCEMENT, May 13, 1973 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: Earl L. Butz, Secretary of Agriculture--No Honorary Degrees awarded
Ninth Commencement, 1974
NINTH COMMENCEMENT, May 12, 1974 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: Sam J. Ervin, Jr., United States Senator--Honorary Degree: Sam J. Ervin, Jr., Doctor of Laws
Tenth Commencement, 1975
TENTH COMMENCEMENT, May 10, 1975 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: Eric Sevareid, CBS News National Correspondent--No Honorary Degree awarded
Eleventh Commencement, 1976
ELEVENTH COMMENCEMENT, May 8, 1976 (Charlotte Coliseum) --Address: Andrew S. Holt, President Emeritus, University of Tennessee--No honorary degree awarded
Twelfth Commencement, 1977
TWELFTH COMMENCEMENT, May 7, 1977 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: Bonnie Angelo, Washington Correspondent, Time Magazine--Honorary Degrees: Harry Lee Dalton, Doctor of Literature; Harry Lewis Golden, Doctor of Humane Letters; Alice Lindsay Tate, Doctor of Humane Letters
Thirteenth Commencement, 1978
THIRTEENTH COMMENCEMENT, May 6, 1978 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: Barbara Walters, ABC News Correspondent--No Honorary Degree awarded
Fourteenth Commencement, 1979
FOURTEENTH COMMENCEMENT, May 12, 1979 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: James B. Hunt, Jr., Governor of North Carolina--Honorary Degrees: Dean Wallace Colvard, Doctor of Public Service Bonnie Ethel Cone, Doctor of Humanities
Fifteenth Commencement, 1980
FIFTEENTH COMMENCEMENT, May 10, 1980 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: F. G. Rodgers, Vice President of Marketing, IBM--No Honorary Degree awarded
Sixteenth Commencement, 1981
SIXTEENTH COMMENCEMENT, May 16, 1981 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: E. K. Fretwell, Jr., Chancellor, UNC Charlotte--No Honorary Degree awarded
Seventeenth Commencement, 1982
SEVENTEENTH COMMENCEMENT, May 15, 1982 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: Paul Simon, Congressman, 24th District, Illinois--Honorary Degree: Anita Stroud, Doctor of Humanities
Eighteenth Commencement, 1983
EIGHTEENTH COMMENCEMENT, May 14, 1983 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: John Hope Franklin, Historian--Honorary Degrees: Susie Marshall Sharp - Doctor of Laws; John Labon Fraley - Doctor of Public Service; Charles Clifford Cameron - Doctor of Public Service; John Hope Franklin - Doctor of Humane Letters
Nineteenth Commencement, 1984
NINETEENTH COMMENCEMENT, May 12, 1984 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: William J. Bennett, Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities--Honorary Degrees: James J. Harris - Doctor of Public Service; Ellen Black Winston - Doctor of Public Service; William J. Bennett - Doctor of Humanities
Twentieth Commencement, 1985
TWENTIETH COMMENCEMENT, May 11, 1985 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Address: James G. Martin, Governor of North Carolina--Honorary Degrees: Loonis McGlohon - Doctor of Humane Letters; Edyth F. Winningham - Doctor of Humane Letters; James G. Martin - Doctor of Laws
Twenty-First Commencement, 1986
TWENTY-FIRST COMMENCEMENT, May 18, 1986 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Distinguished Alumnus Award: M. Stephen Mahaley, Jr.--Honorary Degrees: William C. Friday - Doctor of Public Service
Twenty-Second Commencement, 1987
TWENTY-SECOND COMMENCEMENT, May 16, 1987 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Distinguished Alumnus Award: Martha B. Alexander--Address: Terry Sanford, U. S. Senator, North Carolina--Honorary Degrees: Thomas M. Belk - Doctor of Public Service; Richard H. Hagemeyer - Doctor of Public Service; Oliver R. Rowe - Doctor of Humane Letters; Terry Sanford - Doctor of Laws
Twenty-Third Commencement, 1988
TWENTY-THIRD COMMENCEMENT, MAY 14, 1988 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Distinguished Alumnus Award: Susan Gayle Ludvigson--Address: W. Ann Reynolds, Chancellor, The California State University System--Honorary Degrees: William States Lee - Doctor of Public Service; David Taylor - Doctor of Public Service; W. Ann Reynolds - Doctor of Humane Letters
Twenty-Fourth Commencement, 1989
TWENTY-FOURTH COMMENCEMENT, May 13, 1989 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Distinguished Alumnus Award: Ronald R. Caldwell--Address: E. K. Fretwell, Jr., Chancellor, UNC Charlotte--Honorary Degrees: David Sanford Citron - Doctor of Humane Letters; Hugh L. McColl, Jr. - Doctor of Public Service
Twenty-Fifth Commencement, 1990
TWENTY-FIFTH COMMENCEMENT, May 12, 1990 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Distinguished Alumnus Award: name not given--Address: Bonnie E. Cone, Vice Chancellor Emerita, UNC Charlotte--Honorary Degrees: R. Stuart Dickson, Doctor of Public Service; Jacob Berke Freedland, Doctor of Public Service; James B. McMillan, Doctor of Laws
Twenty-Sixth Commencement, 1991
TWENTY-SIXTH COMMENCEMENT, May 11, 1991 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Distinguished Alumnus Award: no name given--Address: Jack E. Claiborne, Vice President/Assistant to the Chairman, Park Communications, Inc.--Honorary Degrees: Jack E. Claiborne, Doctor of Humane Letters; Elizabeth S. Randolph, Doctor of Public Service
Twenty-Seventh Commencement, 1992
TWENTY-SEVENTH COMMENCEMENT, May 9, 1992 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Distinguished Alumnus Award: Stephanie R. Counts--Honorary Degrees: John Cocke, Doctor of Science; S. Scott Ferebee, Jr., Doctor of Fine Arts
Twenty-Eighth Commencement, 1993
TWENTY-EIGHTH COMMENCEMENT, May 15, 1993 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Distinguished Alumnus Award: Wyatt G. Bell--Honorary Degrees: W. Duke Kimbrell, Doctor of Public Service
Twenty-Ninth Commencement, 1994
TWENTY-NINTH COMMENCEMENT, May 14. 1994 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Distinguished Alumnus Award: none--Honorary Degrees: George Tucker Butler, Doctor of Humane Letters
Thirtieth Commencement, 1995
THIRTIETH COMMENCEMENT, May 13, 1995 (Charlotte Coliseum)--Distinguished Alumnus Award (Posthumously): Reece A. Overcash, Jr. (Accepted by Christa Lee Overcash)--Honorary Degrees: Herman Blumenthal - Doctor of Humane Letters
Commencement, May 1996
THIRTY-FIRST COMMENCEMENT, May 4, 1996 (Charlotte Coliseum)--NOTE: Celebrating UNC Charlotte's 50th anniversary year.--Distinguished Alumnus Award: J. W. Disher, Sr. --Honorary Degrees: Mariam Cannon Hayes and Robert G. Hayes, Jr., Doctor of Humane Letters
Thirty-Second Commencement, December 1996
THIRTY-SECOND COMMENCEMENT, December 14, 1996--Honorary Degree: Irwin "Ike" Belk, Doctor of Public Service--NOTE: First Winter Commencement of UNC Charlotte. First Commencement held on campus since 1967; held DALE F. HALTON ARENA, JAMES H. BARNHARDT STUDENT ACTIVITY CENTER.
Thirty-Third Commencement, May 1997
THIRTY-THIRD COMMENCEMENT, May 10, 1997--NOTE: First doctoral degree awarded to Jian Liu, Electrical Engineering.--Honorary Degree: Edward E. Crutchfield, Doctor of Public Service--Distinguished Alumna Award: Karen A. Popp
Thirty-Fourth Commencement, December 1997
THIRTY-FOURTH (WINTER) COMMENCEMENT, December 20, 1997--Honorary Degree: William H. Grigg, Doctor of Public Service
Thirty-Fifth Commencement, May 1998
THIRTY-FIFTH COMMENCEMENT, May 10, 1998 --NOTE: First divsion of graduation program into two sessions: Morning - College of Arts and Sciences; Afternoon - Colleges of Architecture, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, and Nursing and Health Professions.--Honorary Degree: E. K. Fretwell, Doctor of Public Service (Afternoon program)--Distinguished Alumnus Award: The Honorable T. LaFontine Odom, N. C. State Senator (Morning program)
Commencement, December 1998
WINTER COMMENCEMENT, December 19, 1998 --Honorary Degree: Dale F. Halton, Doctor of Humane Letters
Commencement, May 1999
SPRING COMMENCEMENT, May 15, 1999 --Honorary Degree: Russell M. Robinson II, Doctor of Public Service (Morning Program)--Distinguished Alumnus Award: Charles B. Rich, Jr., M.D. (Afternoon Program)
Commencement, December 1999
WINTER COMMENCEMENT, December 18, 1999 --Honorary Degree: Erskine B. Bowles, Doctor of Public Service
Commencement, May 2000
SPRING COMMENCEMENT, May 13, 2000 --Honorary Degree: Wayland H. Cato, Jr., Doctor of Humane Letters--Distinguished Alumnus Award: Eugene B. Johnson