Torrance and Banks Families Papers

Records of enslaved persons
Of particular interest is an overseer's contract (1862) of Margaret Allison Torance that outlines daily routines for field hands. Notebooks of James G. Torrance list enslaved persons (1836, 1839, 1840, 1844-47). A postwar contract (6/14/1867) binds the services of a woman, likely a formerly enslaved person, to Margaret Allison Torrance. Also includes a letter (1799) to Hugh Torance by his brother Albert, detailing Albert's trouble with an enslaved man named Abraham.
Richard Allison Torrance correspondence
Reflects viewpoints and lifestyle of a prominent and successful Mecklenburg County planter. Topics includes birth, marriage, illness, death, and similar family concerns; and agriculture. Civil War correspondence reflects North Carolina's involvement in the conflict, Mecklenburg County volunteers, and life on the home front. Digitized content reflects a small portion of the Richard Allison Torrance correspondence.
George Moses Horton acrostics [from Richard Allison Torrance subject files]
Acrostic poems to Mary McClean and Sophia Alexander (ca. 1854) by George Moses Horton, an enslaved African American poet from Chatham County, N.C. These were commissioned by Torrance while a student at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.