Beverly Penninger Papers Concerning Tonda Taylor

Tonda Taylor Auction, part 1
This video contains two recordings. The first recording shows tailgaters at a NASCAR rally, and seems to be unrelated to the Tonda Taylor footage. Included in this recording are RVs decorated with NASCAR memorabilia and people sitting outside of the trailers talking and listening to the race. (8:54) The second recording begins with color bars. The recording is of Tonda Taylor organizing an auction for Time Out Youth at a corporate building (likely First Union Bank) in Charlotte, NC. A large rainbow balloon display is at the front of an open room behind a stage. Chairs are set up in the middle of the floor. Taylor talks to volunteers at the event and coordinates activities including the setup of auction items, Time Out Youth pamphlets, and other display materials; and the arrival and setup of food for a buffet.
Tonda Taylor Auction, part 2
The second part of a recording that follows Tonda Taylor as she coordinates a charity auction event for Time Out Youth at the old First Union building in Charlotte. This recording begins with color bars, and the auction is underway. A woman plays piano music. (1:25) Tables are set up with items for sale at a silent auction. Attendees make bids on items and look at pamphlets for Time Out Youth. (4:35) Small desserts are prepared. The buffet table includes deli meats, cheeses, nuts. (6:10) Guests talking and walking around, looking at auction items. (8:40) A man speaks at the podium on stage. He reminds the audience that proceeds from the auction go to Time Out Youth, then conducts a live auction of some of the items. (12:02) Tonda Taylor speaks to a few women in the room in the space where auction items are on tables. She walks around the space and talks to people, asks the bartender for a beer, and continues to walk around and have conversations with event volunteers about the crowd. (18:57) A woman at the podium continues to conduct the auction. Tonda Taylor can be heard talking to people in the background. (21:45) The cameraperson focuses on people in the crowd and on Tonda Taylor.