Patterson Family Papers

Patterson family. Margaret Lamira Houston Patterson. Correspondence
Includes a Valentine's Day poem and party invitation to Margaret Lamira Houston Patterson, and correspondence from Laura Glover to Margaret Lamira Houston Patterson.
Patterson family. William Patterson. Freedmen and enslaved individuals
Includes slave bills-of-sale, correspondence regarding formerly enslaved people, correspondence regarding the Freedmen's Bureau, sharecropping terms offered to individuals formerly enslaved by William Patterson, and bartering and wage documentation. Names and ages of enslaved African Americans referred to include a woman named Cate, a boy named Abraham (12), a boy named Levi (4), a man named Andy (38). Names of formerly enslaved individuals listed in a ledger between them and former slaveholder William Patterson include Ned (between 70-80); Cindy (about 40) and 4 children; Bill, Jenny and 4 children; Milaz; Aaron; Ann; Jean and infant child; Neal and 3 children; Nancy (about 16). Other names in the documents include Captain John C. Barnett of the Freedmen's Bureau, William Nantz, Clement Nantz, William Potts Farm, William S. Alexander, Samuel B. Walls, W.L. Davidson, and Dr. G.W. Caldwell.
Patterson Family. William Patterson. Papers
Includes a certificate for militia duty, a marriage license (Photostat), correspondence (concerning typhus fever outbreak among enslaved individuals on the plantation), and a legal complaint by William Patterson against Thomas M. Alexander for profane swearing. Named individuals in these documents include William Patterson, Captain James Dunn, Thomas M. Alexander, G.L. Gibson, B. Arendell, and R.L. McGuinis.
Patterson Family. William Patterson. Receipts
Primarily receipts, I.O.U.s, and other financial documents about various purchases including medical services, weaving services, textiles, real estate, newspaper subscriptions, butter, eggs, cotton, school tuition, horses, and other farm animals. Named individuals include William Patterson, William Speight McLean Davidson, Mary Duckworth, Edwin Potts, Margaret A. Torrance, Sarah V. Belk, Lucinda Mack, Hiram Hall, William Mack, John P. Ross, Dr. S. E. Bratton, William Reed, Dr. William A. Holt, William A. Smith, and Margaret L. Patterson.
Patterson Family. Elizabeth Potts. Papers
Document recording the sale of an enslaved African American girl, Cheany (13), from Elizabeth Potts to Edwin Potts for 400 dollars. Also includes three wills written by Elizabeth Potts that detail the disposition of her property and enslaved individuals whom she owned. Enslaved people described in the wills include Sarah and infant child, Chaney, Jacob, Landon, Clarissa, and Milas.
Sloan family. Julia Sloan. Letter
Letter home from Julia Sloan while at Concord Female College in Statesville, NC. In it she references various family members, describes what her curriculum and work routine is like, and expresses her desire to hear and see her friends and family from home.
Presbyterian Church Papers. Bethel [Presbyterian] Church. Records
Includes receipts, documents, church histories, and correspondence relating to Bethel Presbyterian Church. Highlights include a letter from A. Springs petitioning to be reinstated as a member of the church, a summary of the pastorate history for Bethel Church and neighboring churches in the region, and a letter from Reverend R. H. Morrison explaining that he would need to retire from pastoring several churches because of ill health.