Richard Lee Clark papers concerning the Civil War

Post office circular describing restrictions on delivery of mail
A notice from Union Postmaster Joseph H. Sears as to restrictions and requirements for deliveries of mail to and from Union soldiers, sailors and marines. It states that postage must be prepaid and mail sent by or to be received by service personnel in the Union forces has to be approved by their superior officers or sent to the officers for distribution to the lower ranks.
Consolidated morning report on regimental composition
This report may have been about regimental composition at Fort Walker (also known as Fort Welles).
Letter relating to ammunition at Fort Welles
This letter discusses guns and ammunition, including the columbiad cannon, at Forts Seward and Welles (also known as Fort Walker), and was signed by Union Ordnance Lieutenant and Chief T.J. Treadwell and Acting Brigadier General A. Williams.
Letter relating to the recovery of lost property
This letter is signed by Captain Lewis Allen and informs Lieutenant Colonel James F. Hall in the Provost Marshall's Office at Hilton Head that a melodeon taken by Union troops from Miss Margaret Clark in Jacksonville, Florida, was recovered in Beaufort, South Carolina, and would be returned to the Clarks.
An order for the convening of a special court
An order for a court of inquiry to convene at Beaufort, South Carolina on Tuesday, June 7th to review cases of Surgeon John Trevor and Assistant Surgeon H. M. Kirke. The court consists of Colonel M.S. Littlefield, Lieutenant Colonel James F. Hall, Surgeon Meredith Clymer, and Assistant Surgeon Ira S. Bradner. Inquiry ordered by the Command of Major General J.G. Foster and recorded by Assistant Adjutant General W.L.M. Burger.
A telegraph message concerning the replacement of engineering tools
The telegram was sent by Peter S. Michie, who was acting chief engineer of the Army of the James, Headquarters Department of Virginia and North Carolina and addressed to James F. Hall.