Assorted and Audiovisual Materials

Myrtle Beach Trip
Silent film., Recording of a vacation in Myrtle Beach. Begins with a man drinking beer outside. He shares it with several women. Men and women outside, some smoking cigars. Driving. Outside of the car somewhere, the people pour themselves liquor. (1:26) A woman walking in the woods. (2:07) The men take luggage out of the car. They are in front of the Ocean Plaza Motel. (3:01) Beach, boardwalk, and a pier. (3:49) People sitting outside on a porch in rocking chairs. (4:12) Outside at a pier next to a motor boat. Recording from inside the boat, sailing on the ocean and fishing. (6:15) Men showing off fish they caught, putting them in the trunk of a car, and taking them back to the motel. (8:00) Men and women in bathing suits walking on the pier down to the beach. They walk on the sand and go in the ocean. (10:29) Exterior view of a grand building. A couple sits at an outdoor table. (12:18) Outdoors on a porch. (12:36) Trees and Spanish moss at Brookgreen Gardens. Swans. Views of statues, fountains, and nature.
Cuba and Miami
Silent film., Recording jumps from subject to subject, often returning to similar content. Start of recording: The view from a boat. Traveling near the shoreline, buildings on the coast and other boats are in view. (1:13) A woman standing on a porch in front of a house. Other women walk up and greet her. A girl runs to a car then back up to the house. (2:09) Walking on a sidewalk. People, cars and buildings are in view. People outside of a house (2:50) Men show off some crabs in buckets. A woman plays around and makes exaggerated movements near the crabs. (4:05) A dark indoor setting. A girl sits on a high chair. A carousel goes round. (5:26) The beach. (5:49) Looking inside a store window, a rotating display features Beech-Nut products. (6:30) People walking on a sidewalk. (6:46) Inside a car. Car drives by a parked tank. (7:21) A lighthouse. (7:32) Looking out from inside a car. (8:03) A family outside a house. (8:59) The tops of buildings, then a view across water toward a shore. View from a boat traveling on the water. (10:20) Inside a car, looking at the outside of a building. People walking. (10:41) View of an old building or fort. (11:05) A family outside. (11:17) A home under construction.
Unlabeled (possibly Myrtle Beach)
Silent film., Start of recording: The back of a car. People on a porch, smoking. A girl swinging on a chair with some dolls. (0:30) A woman walking in a parking lot. People outside on a porch with an awning. The woman walking, and the girl on the porch swing again. (1:04) A view out from the building across a lawn of a beach and coastline. (1:17) People on the porch. (1:22) People on the beach in bathing suits. A man lies down on the sand then waves. Women in bathing suits walk toward the camera. They all play around on the beach. (3:04) A woman in a rocking chair on a porch. She gets up and walks, then sits again.